topflight named the best SEO agency in York by Clutch

topflight achieves a new milestone: we have been named Best SEO Agency in York for the second year in a row!

Clutch is a resource, an asset and an ally to Digital Marketing Agencies across the globe. Unlike other awards out there, it is the experience that made us receive this award, which we are thrilled to showcase.

To receive an award, Clutch judges each contestant by a variety of factors, including number, quality of reviews, recency, clients served, visibility in their target market, brand reputation and work portfolio.

We are satisfied with the work done in 2021 and 2022, and the clients that helped us refine and tweak our techniques throughout the years. Since client reviews are such an important factor for Clutch, we wouldn’t have made it without the time they took out of their day to write us reviews such as:

“The team excels at describing complex and technical SEO concepts and variables in a simple and understandable manner.” – George Fox

“Thanks to topflight Agency’s involvement, the studio has become more visible locally and regionally and has experienced a 60% YoY increase in clients.” – Ralph Grayson

Full list can be found here.

We made it through sheer dedication...

No matter the competition, the challenges or the unexpected outcomes that the past years may have brought, we have always found a way to move forward.

There were challenges. There were definitely plenty of obstacles, but we are a team of winners. And once our eyes are set on the prize, we just go for it.

There’s no problem that doesn’t have a solution. And by finding those solutions so consistently, we have managed to win this belt, which we couldn’t be any prouder of.

...but most importantly, we made it together

It wasn’t a single effort that brought us here.

We have refined the process which helps us deliver exactly what our clients want, just how they wanted it. Their priorities become ours, and their vision is seen through the eyes of developers, writers, analysts and every other team member.

We could have never made it without the diverse skillset of our talented team. Every day, every single member of our family wakes up and delivers solutions that make Topflight what it is.

It is with delight that we accept this trophy, and with even more delight we will continue serving businesses with the ever-evolving strategies that make our customers rise to the top. If you wish to discover more about our services, book a call today.