topflight celebrates 3rd anniversary with new website launch for Inkblot Films

To celebrate the agency’s third anniversary, the new website for Inkblot Films came after topflight ran a competition to offer another York company a brand new website worth £2,000.

It forms part of the agency’s collaborative work approach for the year ahead to support local businesses with digital marketing and to boost collaboration.

The agency’s long-term plan, alongside hiring an additional four employees, includes turning its anniversary competition into an annual event with the details set to be released at a later date. 

Pablo Lopez (pictured, right), founder of topflight, said:

“Our business is all about collaboration. We need to work very closely with our clients to understand exactly what they do and what they are trying to achieve. If we don’t we can’t translate their offer online effectively. So, with our third anniversary coming up we wanted to collaborate with a local business to help transform their digital footprint, develop their strategy and showcase the power of a strong digital profile – and so we launched our competition!”

Mike Leigh Cooper from InkBlot Films (pictured, left) added:

“We didn’t really have much of a sense of what to expect after winning the competition but Pablo and the team put us at ease and we just knew that the team understood what we were looking for in our new website and it would be a collaborative process.”

“For a small business like us, having a professionally-built and maintained website allows us to showcase our offer in the best way possible – either on desktop or mobile – giving us confidence in our marketing and more time to deliver our filming projects. It is great to see York businesses supporting each other and we will certainly recommend the service in the future!”

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Source: Prolific North