How healthy is your website?

If you want to create an effective SEO strategy, your website performance needs to be flawless.

Our SEO website analysis service highlights issues that hinder your progress and damage your site’s quality.

You’ll also receive the tools needed to fix every single one of these problems.

A complete website analysis

Wouldn’t you want the best start you can possibly get? Then get a complete check-up of your website’s health with a comprehensive web audit that clearly labels out the confusing numbers for you.

A web audit will provide you with key information about your website’s current condition and performance to guarantee the success of your SEO campaign.


We don't send automated reports taken from SEO tools. All of our website audits are bespoke and 100% authentic

(*) We know other agencies do it, but not us. If you want to know how we prepare our website audits, please get in touch

The three-step auditing process

Our SEO audit service follows a three-step process that guarantees a throughout and effective coverage of your entire website. By the end of your audit, you’ll receive a report on every major and minor issue affecting your website’s performance and a solution for each one of them.

1. Technical SEO Audit

We analyse all the technical aspects of a website, identifying problems like broken links, redirections and Java/CSS errors.

2. Content and Structure

Next, the audit reviews your website’s content and structure. Some common issues we highlight here include problems with meta-data, duplicate content, or title structure.

3. UX and CRO Analysis

Finally, we look at how users interact with your website. This part of the audit reveals how user-friendly your website is and identifies any conversion issues.


Do you know we have a free technical audit checklist ready for use?

Benefits of using topflight's web auditing services

Clear and Actionable Outcomes

You’ll receive clear, helpful reports that are easy to read and understand. No jargon, no confusion. Just straight forward action points that can be automatically applied to your website.

Comprehensive Analysis

All website audits are fully comprehensive and cover a wide range of areas from technical optimisation to growth opportunities.

Focus on Performance

Our website audit service is fully focused on your business objectives and goals. At the end of our analysis, you’ll see precisely where improvements are needed.