Rise and shine with our Digital PR services.

Link building and digital PR are off-page optimisation techniques designed to increase brand awareness online and give your website more authority.

Authority is still one of the most important factors Google uses to rank your website. The more people online reference your website on theirs using backlinks, the more authority Google assigns you – which always converts to higher rankings for relevant search terms.

Our off-page SEO services use strategies like digital PR and link building to increase your website’s authority and your brand’s presence online. This will help you organically boost your website’s position on Google in a safe and effective manner.


What is Digital PR?

Public relations, or PR, has been a vital component of business communications for decades. It goes hand-in-hand with marketing, given it’s all about how we communicate with our audience and build our reputation as a trustworthy, quality brand. 

Digital PR is about taking those traditional PR tactics and applying them to the digital world, supporting your digital marketing strategy. When done right, it’s a highly effective way to increase brand awareness and reach your target audience.

Although the goal of digital PR aligns with traditional PR goals — to get your brand noticed by your target audience — it has other benefits that make it a core feature of any modern SEO strategy.

The most obvious benefit is the potential for building high-quality, authoritative links. When relevant leading online publications link to your website, this provides a signal to Google (and other search engines) that your website is one they can trust. This trust improves your search engine ranking, getting your page higher up the results page for your chosen keywords.

Importantly, you need more of these good-quality, authoritative links to boost your rankings than you do low-quality links.

This means that you can get a much higher return on investment from digital PR than many other link-building strategies. You can also build links at scale — using effective Digital PR services that drive multiple links, with various angles, back to your website.


One service to improve authority, reputation and rankings.

Our off-page optimisation strategies vary in scale and complexity depending on a number of factors such as backlink quality, the relevance of the sources linking to you and the structure of the project.

Whenever working on PR, we focus on three things: quality, relevance and value.


When you meddle with mediocre backlinks, you are choosing mediocrity. This is why we prefer quality over quantity. All of our links will come from reputable, trustworthy sources.


Well over 90% of external links built by topflight come from websites or blogs that are relevant to your niche, which allow customers to find you organically.


After the off-page optimisation campaign is complete, your website will get traffic from the links we have generated. This will increase your website’s authority on Google as well as generating more leads for your business. A double victory.


Understanding our link building process.

Link building is crucial to all SEO campaigns. Our team will help you define your business objectives, identify websites and content to target, and develop a personalised link building strategy. 

This will result in more traffic to your website and a boost to its visibility in the search results. The process we follow is this:

01. We check for Existing Backlinks

To design an off-page link building project, we begin by auditing your link profile and identifying your competitors’ strongest referrals. This will create a benchmark for the next steps.

02. We define the Profile

Once a strategy is created, then we will design your ideal link profile and identify the most beneficial links for each web page.

03. PR Development

Our Digital PR team will do all of the work for you by contacting the blogs and media outlets more likely to generate you leads. The links created at this stage will come from interviews, expert advice, press releases and other outreach techniques.

04. Generation and Indexing

After completing the off-page SEO strategy, your website is ready to start receiving traffic and authority from its new connections. We will keep track of performance until the project is handed over to you in its most optimal conditions.

Some of our Digital PR wins.