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The Agency

topflight is a performance-driven digital marketing agency that specialises in Search Engine services (SEO, PPC). We are keen to change an industry riddled with dishonest practices and poor quality services by providing highly specific services at cost-effective price points.

We are not a full-service digital marketing agency and never will be. Instead, our busines philosophy pivotates around specialisation. We’ve designed extremelly handpicked services that solve real business problems. We love what we do, we have a passion for what we do, and we are the best at it.

Think of it this way: if your brand-new Dell laptop – for which you paid a fortune – suddenly stops working and requires repairing, who would you go to?

  • A big retailer that fixes all sorts of devices for more than a million customers.
  • A Dell-specialised laptop repairing business with over a decade experience repairing laptops like yours with excellent results.

That’s correct!

Before starting any work, we get to know your brand and business objectives. We do this through a Discovery call. During this session, one member of our senior team will run you through our working process while we gather all the necessary data that will be used to prepare your proposal.

Once the proposal is accepted, we prepare the contract and add your business details to our database.

Finally, and before starting the project, we give you an initial dashboard to track the progress of your campaign in real time (only for SEO and PPC services).

For web design/development projects, the third and final onboarding step is to hold a Creative Design meeting to define the requirement of your brand-new website.

For SEO and PPC services, we usually set an agency retainer based on the complexity and scope of each project and for the number of months required (6-12-24).

For web design and development projects, we charge clients using 2 payment terms:

  • an initial deposit that will vary depending on the scope of work,
  • and a final settlement payment that is charged upon completion of the project, to release the website.


Most SEO agencies provide services like on-site optimisation, content marketing, and link building to help businesses to increase the chances of their website appearing in the top results of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Whilst most search engine optimisation services can be executed individually, you will receive much better results by opting for a complete SEO strategy that incorporates a variety of complementary services.

Absolutely. Although SEO is a very technical discipline, so you would need to put in a lot of time to learn. One of the difficulties with SEO is that nothing is guaranteed. Most of the techniques and skills are based on previous experience, which means you need to test multiple scenarios to find what works.

Our team have worked with a broad range of clients and can design and implement an effective SEO strategy for your business, saving you time and achieving results quickly.

SEO can play a key part in a business’ success. With more people than ever choosing to shop online, optimising your website and investing in SEO can help to future-proof your business.

In the long-term, a good SEO strategy is much cheaper and more effective than other digital marketing services like PPC or Social Media.

Search engines are getting smarter, but they still need our help.

Our team use many different SEO techniques to improve customer websites, each with the same objective: increase the chances of your website appearing on the first page of Google for as many keywords as possible.

We will choose the most suitable SEO techniques to include in your SEO strategy based on your business type, your website’s current ranking, and your business objectives.

Good question! We pride ourselves on being a 100% SEO-specialised agency formed by highly skilled experts with experience in different sectors and business models. Our York-based digital marketing agency serves local clients but also international businesses, which gives us a great perspective on how to approach every project.

We stand out because we deliver a small but perfectly formed selection of honed digital marketing services that will help you to get more sales or enquiries from your website and grow your business online.


Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model that lets advertisers place ads on an advertisement platform and pay the host of the platform when their ad is clicked.

Pay-per-click works just as it sounds, you pay a small fee (in this case to Google) every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. Running PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads can be an extremely effective way of promoting your business online to gain more website visitors and conversions through your website.

Of course. PPC is usually run through online tools such as Google Ads or Bing Ads. In order to publish your ads, you need to create one or multiple campaigns, select your budget and keywords and you’re ready to go.

Google Ads offers businesses a quick, easy, and affordable way to gain visibility in relevant search results and keep up with competitors, even those with much bigger marketing budgets.

Key benefits of PPC marketing include:

  • Fast results.
  • Increase brand awareness online.
  • Flexible and affordable budgeting.
  • Not affected by algorithm changes.
  • Highly targeted.
  • Pay only when people click.
  • Reach people with high buying intent.
  • Appear above competitors in search results.

For best results, PPC should be used alongside SEO. PPC provides fast and effective short-term results, whilst SEO takes much longer to see results but offers long-term organic visibility.

Using a professional PPC agency will help you to get better returns for your budget. PPC campaigns need to be closely monitored, analysed, and tweaked to get optimum results. Whilst you probably don’t have the time to continuously monitor your PPC campaigns, our team of specialists here at topflight have both the time and the tools to do so!

Web Development

If you need a website built, then trusting an agency with the job is usually the best way to ensure professional results.

Generally, website design agencies have a lot of resources available to them and a high level of expertise.

Having an entire team working on building your website, rather than one freelancer, provides reassurance that your website will be delivered on time and to a high standard.

Good question. Always make sure that you choose a website development agency that has experience working on similar projects, so they know exactly how to structure your website.

It can also be useful to choose an agency that is located nearby to you, particularly if you run a local business. When it comes to understanding your audience and building a bespoke platform, having a local web design agency can make a huge difference – as we will know your audience and competitors. So, if you need a website design agency in York or North Yorkshire, topflight is the perfect choice. Get in touch!

As with our SEO services, every web design service has a different timescale. The time it will take to build your website depends on the type of website required, the scale of the project, and the complexity of the build. An average-sized bespoke website build usually takes between 2-3 months to complete.

At topflight, we always use the same process for every website project:

  1. Define the business strategy and stablish the building process.
  2. Generate the designs for every page and section.
  3. Craft the graphics and visuals.
  4. Generate the content.
  5. Develop the first draft version.
  6. Corrections and visual changes.
  7. Develop the final version.
  8. Testing.
  9. Optimise the website for SEO.
  10. Launch the site.

Prices for web develop,entn services vary depending on the size and scale of the project. Our price bracket for web design services start from £2,000 depending on size, scale and complexity of the project. Of course, the higher end of that bracket is for very complex custom-build websites.