PPC Hacks to run a successful Google Ads campaign

A high-performance PPC campaign can help even the smallest of businesses to keep up with large international competitors when it comes to gaining visibility online.

Keep reading to discover our top PPC hacks for running Google Ads campaigns that drive business growth.

What is PPC?

Google Ads is a powerful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing tool that allows you to pay Google to advertise your business at the top of relevant search results.

Pay-per-click works just as it sounds, you pay a small fee (in this case to Google) every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. Running PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads can be an extremely effective way of promoting your business online to gain more website visitors and conversions through your website.

You also have several types of PPC campaigns to choose from, from Search to Google Shopping, that will give you different results depending on your goals.

The importance of PPC management for online businesses

During the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers have relied on the internet more than ever to help them to discover new businesses and products. Now is the ideal time to begin investing more in low-cost, high-impact PPC Google Ads campaigns to boost both your business’ brand and revenue online.

Google Ads offers businesses a quick, easy, and affordable way to gain visibility in relevant search results and keep up with competitors, even those with much bigger marketing budgets.

Key benefits of PPC marketing include:

  • Fast results.
  • Increase brand awareness online.
  • Flexible and affordable budgeting.
  • Not affected by algorithm changes.
  • Highly targeted.
  • Pay only when people click.
  • Reach people with high buying intent.
  • Appear above competitors in search results.

For best results, PPC should be used alongside SEO. PPC provides fast and effective short-term results, whilst SEO takes much longer to see results but offers long-term organic visibility.

Google Ads are also useful for quickly driving traffic to particular product pages or offers when you need to.

Using a professional PPC agency will help you to get better returns for your budget. PPC campaigns need to be closely monitored, analysed, and tweaked to get optimum results. Whilst you probably don’t have the time to continuously monitor your PPC campaigns, our team of specialists here at topflight have both the time and the tools to do so!

Use these 5 hacks to run a successful Google Ads campaign

1. Identify your ideal customer

The most successful and cost-effective Google Ads campaigns are nearly always highly targeted. To get the most bang for your buck, avoid casting your net too wide, instead, try targeting your business’ ideal customer.

If you want to create PPC campaigns that grab attention and have a high click-through rate, it’s important to know who you’re talking to and what makes them tick.

Before you start to build your PPC campaign, make sure you take the time to get to know your ideal customer inside out.

Create a buyer persona that includes all the relevant information from your ideal client(s). This may take some time but it’s a super useful resource to create your entire campaign based on accurate demographics.

Getting inside your ideal customer’s head will help you to create targeted ad content that really speaks to them and, as a result, achieves high conversion rates.

2) Segment your audience

The more targeted your PPC campaigns are, the more successful they are likely to be and the better the ROI you will achieve with your budget.

So, once you’ve identified your ideal audience, there’s still more work to do splitting this pool of people down into smaller segments.

Google Ads allows you to create and save multiple audiences, making it easy to divide your audience up into segments of people that share similar demographics, interests, or behaviours.

Whilst the volume of traffic within each of these audience segments may be smaller, there is the potential to gain higher conversion rates when running such highly targeted campaigns.

Google Ads audiences
Example of segmented audiences on Google Ads

3) Create multiple variations of your ads to target different groups

Once you’ve segmented your audience it’s time to get creative with your ad copy.

Google collects plenty of information about its users, so don’t let this invaluable data go to waste.

Armed with everything you know about each segment of your audience, you’ll need to create multiple, highly targeted variations of your ad that will stand out and appeal to each group of people.

Things to think about when creating your ad copy include:

  • What do they value?
  • Which product would make the biggest difference in their life and why?
  • What are their interests?
  • How well do they know your business?
  • What is their budget?

4) Use negative keywords

Negative keywords tell Google Ads which search terms are similar to your keywords, but not relevant to your business or campaign. 

Including negative keywords in your campaign prevents your ads from showing up in irrelevant search queries, creating more efficient and focussed campaigns that offer an excellent return on investment.

negative keywords on Google Ads
Negative keywords on Google Ads

5) Create landing pages that match the search intent of their respective ads

Landing pages are clean, simple, and highly optimised pages on your website that receive traffic from your marketing campaigns. Each different marketing campaign should have its own well-designed landing page.

Landing pages are designed to encourage conversions and improve your campaigns’ return on investment.

Landing page design features that encourage conversions include:

  • Highly targeted content.
  • Content that is relevant to the ad campaign clicked.
  • Minimal on-page distractions.
  • Call-to-action.
example of landing page used for PPC campaigns

When these features are combined into a landing page design effectively it can help to reduce the page’s bounce rate.

When visitors leave your website without converting it doesn’t only waste your budget, it can also negatively affect your PPC campaign’s quality score, which may cause Google to show your ad less frequently. A well-designed landing page is a crucial element of a successful Google Ads campaign.

Need some help with PPC management or implementing these PPC hacks in your next Google Ads campaign? 

Get in touch with our team of PPC specialists here at topflight by giving us a call on 01904 220 577 or emailing at [email protected].

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