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The Client

WORKING is a graphic design studio based in the outskirts of Harrogate (North Yorkshire). They grew from a small freelance business to an SME in just a matter of months, and wanted to boost their sales within a competitive industry.

Despite their original requirement was to develop a Search campaign, WORKING’s website was too confusing at the time we started collaborating with them, so we decided to completely revamp their website so improve the navigation and User Experience delivered.

Once their brand-new website was up and running, we created a complete search campaign, combining Paid Media and SEO to drive paid traffic whilst we optimised their website.

The Challenge

WORKING came to us with a clear idea in their minds, they wanted to consolidate their local presence whilst they began competing for a nationwide audience within their industry. At that time, WORKING’s website were lacking functionality and it was drastically slow compared with their competitors. Furthermore, no SEO had been carried out, so we were facing a website without any organic traffic.

They also wanted to increase their visibility on Google in the short-term to cover the initial investment, which was not possible using only SEO strategies.

The Solutions

We designed a their new website using a WordPress theme, to simplify the cost and reduce the timeframes, but making sure it kept the spirit and messaging from a local graphic design studio.

After two months of design and development, we deployed the site and started to work on the Search campaign. We separated WORKING’s objectives into two stages: short term and long term.

Their clear long-term objective was to generate a consistent flow of clients without ongoing investment. To achieve this we designed a comprehensive SEO strategy that targeted both the local audience – using local SEO – and the national clients.

We then used an Instagram paid campaign to increase their traffic in the short-term whilst we optimised their website.

Graphic design companies often use heavy images on their website, which slow down the speed of each page. We identified several images that were not compressed enough and were delaying the website’s load speed. We worked closely with the WORKING team to find the perfect balance between image resolution and speed optimisation.

One of the main aspects of the website we wanted to improve on was user experience. We developed a UX analysis using heatmaps to identify user patterns and behaviours. Once we had gathered sufficient data, we executed 6 A/B tests that proved extremely successful.

We carried out comprehensive keyword research to identify a set of relevant and effective keywords for each page. Most of those keywords were targeting local results, a very important aspect for WORKING at that time.

We then created new content strategy for the core pages as well as a new blog section, based on the results of the research.

Instagram is a powerful tool for creative companies as it allows them to showcase their work in a few simple steps. Topflight developed a two month paid campaign on Instagram promoting some of WORKING’s most valuable projects and engaging with influencers to gain visibility.

The Results

1. WORKING experienced a stunning 188% total traffic increase – 121% organic traffic increase – generated from both the SEO campaign and the Instagram strategy.

2. 360% ROI increase compared with the previous year.

3. Their local visibility increased by 64% reaching the 1st page of Google results for most of the local search terms related to graphic design.

Project Details




April, 2020


SEO, Local SEO, Web Design, Web Development, Paid Media

Thanks to topflight Agency's involvement, the studio has become more visible locally and regionally and has experienced a 60% YoY increase in clients.
Ralph Greyson

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