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The Client

Sportmadness was born with the vision of becoming the world’s leading brand in sports services. They operate in Spain, UK, and Latin America, helping sports entrepreneurs make a living from their passion.

We helped Sportmadness promote their two business channels – Sports Management and Franchises – in search results. To do this, we carried out a comprehensive SEO campaign focusing on technical SEO and international segmentation.

The Challenge

Before designing the SEO campaign, we decided to evaluate the status of the website by carrying out a full website audit. As Sportmadness’ website went through a couple of security issues in the past, we wanted to confirm the current status of the website before undertaking any further work.

After auditing their website, we identified several technical issues involving security – as mentioned before, their website was hacked in the past, duplicate content, and lack of structured data. They were also struggling to convert through their sales funnel, presenting high bounce rate percentages and poor navigation metrics.

Our main objective was to solve all the technical problems, design a brand-new content marketing strategy and revamp the website structure to improve the navigation as well as the conversion metrics.

The Solutions

We split the optimisation process up into three stages: technical SEO, content marketing and UX optimisation.

We developed a technical SEO campaign to fix every internal issue that was affecting the health of the website to prevent them from receiving future Google penalties arising from their security threats. Some of the areas we optimised were status codes, redirections, sitemap optimisation, and load speed.

We also encountered several pages that presented the wrong canonical tag implementation, causing them to be excluded from Google indexes. To fix this, we rebuilt the entire canonical structure so each page was self-referencing.

We redesigned the internal linking structure to improve navigation, increase the number of indexed pages and distribute the authority across the different areas of the website.

We carried out comprehensive keyword research to identify a set of relevant keywords for each page. We then optimised the content on each page and created new pages to target the most powerful keywords.

Once the website was internally optimised and the content was refreshed, we focused our attention on structured data. We generated structured data for the main pages as well as the blog articles to target both local and international audiences.

One of the main aspects of the website we wanted to improve on was user experience. We developed a UX analysis using heatmaps to identify user patterns and behaviours. Once we had gathered sufficient data, we executed 3 A/B tests that proved extremely successful.

The Results

Our campaign succeeded in reaching new audiences and drastically improved the User Experience (UX) delivered by the website. Some highlights include:

1. The user navigability drastically improved after developing the A/B tests. The bounce rate dropped from 49% to 32% and the number of page views experienced a stunning 312% increase.

2. Conversions also increased by 185%, while the Total Abandonment Rate decreased by 24%.

3. Organic traffic now makes up 40% of the total traffic, increasing from 7,800 users to almost 30,000 in six months (+284%).

Project Details




September, 2020


SEO, Web Audit, Technical SEO, Content Marketing

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