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Espacio Organico

1 %
Sales Increase
1 %
Increase in Organic Traffic

The Client

Espacio Organico is a local supermarket based in the northern side of Madrid (Spain). When they contacted us they were lacking local visibility in search engine results, despite being one of the most renowned supermarkets in the neighbourhood of Alcobendas.

We designed an end-to-end SEO campaign for them to increase their local visibility and boost online sales.

The Challenge

When we started working with Espacio Organico we realised how big their website was. They currently sell more than 1,000 products on Prestashop, an impressive number considering they are a local supermarket!

They were facing a lot of problems with the technical side of SEO. This was due to their website’s high volume of products and sub-pages. Search engines were not crawling most of the SKUs, which was critically impacting their visibility and conversions.

On the other hand, we discovered several unnecessary pages being indexed, mainly tags and category pages that had been auto-generated by Prestashop. Those pages were using a crawl budget, keeping the relevant pages unindexed.

We also identified several areas of the website which were lacking content and using overly complicated structures which were negatively affecting user experience.

The Solutions

We distributed the optimisation process into three stages: technical SEO, content refresh, and optimisation of product pages and categories.

To redistribute the crawl budget accordingly, we made changes to the robots.txt file to block all the irrelevant pages so the search engines would read and index all the product pages.

Considering the complexity of the website, internal linking was one of our main targets aiming to improve the navigability and indexation. We redesigned the internal linking structure to redistribute the strength of the domain across the different categories and product pages.

This also contributed to improving the conversion metrics, as the products and categories became easily reachable.

We revamped the website’s existing content and designed a completely new content marketing strategy that focused on creating new blog posts, improving product listings, and adding new copy to the core pages.

Once the website was internally optimised and the content was refreshed, we designed a custom schema mark-up for the top tier pages, categories, and product pages.

As part of the global eCommerce SEO campaign, topflight tested and improved the sales funnel to make it simpler and easier. We did this by analysing the user behaviour and matching the user intent with the purpose of each page and product.

We also redesigned the product pages to offer more critical information, such as reviews and product specifications, and upsell other related products based on each category.

The Results

When it came to analysing the campaign results, we had no doubt that we had achieved our given targets. The numbers speak for themselves:

1. The number of indexed pages went from 1,900 to 5,800 (2,052% increase). This meant a huge increase in visibility for the products and categories.

2. Sales also increased by 82% while the Total Abandonment Rate decreased by 38%.

3. Organic traffic increased by 27% while the number of organic impressions (organic visibility) also increased by 63%.

Project Details


Espacio Organico


September, 2019


SEO, E-commerce SEO, Web Design

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