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The Client

SuperPlay, a rapidly expanding game startup, had a clear objective of increasing brand awareness for their signature game, Dice Dreams, within the UK and USA markets.

With the rise of social media platforms, it was vital for them to identify the most effective platform to execute their marketing campaign. TikTok was the ideal platform due to its proven record in generating buzz and setting trends. The platform’s unique features, including sound-on, full-screen, and immersive capabilities, presented a perfect opportunity to showcase the Dice Dreams experience in a fun and captivating way.

The Challenge

SuperPlay needed to increase brand awareness and acquire new game installs for Dice Dreams. They wanted to implement an influencer marketing campaign in the UK and US, but they needed an agency that could design and execute a tailored campaign that would resonate with their target audience.

The Solutions

SuperPlay engaged topflight to design and execute an influencer marketing campaign that would meet their objectives. topflight developed a bespoke, highly-segmented campaign and partnered with a series of micro and macro influencers. The influencers, who had a considerable following in the UK and US, were handpicked to match SuperPlay’s target audience.

To create hype around the game, the influencers developed engaging and interactive content on their social media platforms. They utilised various mediums such as videos, images, and stories, which showcased the game’s features and encouraged their followers to download the game and follow the brand.

@itssarahgordon The nanny wasn’t available today 🤌🏻 #posh #mum #pov @Dicedreams_official #dicedreams #rich #family #pov ♬ original sound - itssarahgordon
@ieuanjoness #fyp this game is honestly so fun, download @Dicedreams_official from the link in my bio !! #mobilegames ♬ original sound - Ieuan Jones

The Results

The influencer marketing campaign created by our team generated impressive results.

The content created by the influencers received an average of 100K views per post, with an engagement rate of 17.6%. The campaign successfully achieved its objectives of increasing brand awareness across the target markets.

The success of the influencer marketing campaign had a significant impact on SuperPlay’s business. The partnership with topflight not only boosted the visibility of Dice Dreams but also strengthened the brand’s reputation among gamers. The tailored approach and targeted use of influencers ensured that the campaign was effective in reaching the intended audience and generating interest in the game.

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February 2023


Influencer Marketing

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