Treat yourself to a brand new business strategy

Extend the capabilities of your current marketing plan with a variety of Paid Media channels. 

Supercharge your marketing game with paid ads built around keywords, social media ads designed to be clicked on, or grow a more natural fanbase with influencer marketing.

Thanks to careful preparation and a data-driven strategy built for a specific audience and maximum revenue, you can rest assured knowing that every dime you invest will return back to you time and time again.

For those who want great results quickly

All our customers who have experienced topflight’s paid media service all say the same thing: it’s all about making success a prediction instead of a possible outcome.

As a Performance Marketing agency, it is our duty to deliver a performance-driven campaign measured against competition. In turn, this will allow you to reach prospecting clients and connect with your audience with ease.

We analyse competition and build a multi-channel strategy that walks your customer through your door and puts them in a position where they are eager to buy your products.

This means you get leads faster and for a lot less.

Users who click on PPC ads are 50% more likely to purchase than someone who clicked on an organic search result.

A broad range of paid channels

Our Paid Media channels

Stand out from the competition for your most critical audiences and transform your paid media and pay-per-click efforts into profits.