Our Founder, Pablo Lopez, explains how to scale businesses with SEO

Our CMO and founder, Pablo Lopez, has participated in one of the latest Content Marketing Virtual Summit’s CMO Stories, explaining some of the best ways to scale businesses using SEO and how we achieve success for our clients here at topflight.

About the first step in creating content that customers wants to read, Pablo shares:

It needs to be engaging. Imagine content marketing as spoon-feeding a baby: you need to constantly keep this baby engaged so that they can keep eating the food. And if you have to pretend your spoon is an aeroplane, so be it.

He also shares how to incorporate the right tone of voice into writing:

Understanding your audience and your product. The best copywriters don't impose their own style; they research and create the audience's profile and pretend to talk like them.

To watch the full interview, please follow this link.