AI-powered Content Marketing: How to create compelling copy that connects with your audience

As AI technology has evolved and become smarter, more and more businesses, marketing agencies, and news corporations are experimenting with using AI for content creation.

Have you ever considered that some of the articles you read online may have been written by robots rather than humans? Chances are you’d have no idea just from reading them either.

Clever stuff, right?

AI technologies are essential to the functioning of social media, search engines, online ads, and smart devices. Their primary use is quickly and efficiently analysing large amounts of data. Today’s AI is capable of learning from data too, allowing it to make informed decisions without any human input, making it a huge Digital Marketing trend for the future.

Fox, Washington Post, and Yahoo are just some of the big names that use AI to give them the competitive advantage and help them generate content faster.

What’s A.I. and how has it evolved recently?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines.

Once upon a time, our only experience of AI was watching Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man or Will Smith in I, Robot. Now, artificial intelligence is no longer just something from science fiction films. Slowly but surely, AI has infiltrated our everyday lives. Most of us now interact with AI daily, whether that’s Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Siri, or smart household devices.

Some of the abilities that AI robots may demonstrate include:

  • Problem-solving.
  • Learning.
  • Understanding and responding to language.
  • Decision-making.

After many decades of humans working hard to build and programme machines with artificial intelligence, we have now reached the crucial point where these machines are carrying on the hard work by themselves.

Behind the scenes, AI machines are tirelessly working away, learning, and using algorithms that mimic the process of evolution to keep on getting smarter.

AI-generated Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence does a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep many of the online platforms we use in our everyday lives running efficiently.

The AI used in smart devices can learn habits and behaviours and then control household devices accordingly to improve their efficiency. On search engines and social media platforms, AI learns users’ habits, interests, likes, and dislikes, allowing it to then provide users with a highly personalised experience, showing them the content that they’re likely to be most interested in first.

AI can be invaluable when it comes to offering a targeted or personalised service to a large audience, so it’s hardly surprising that it is becoming a popular tool in the marketing sector.

Businesses that require content marketing services may be interested to hear that it is now possible to have content generated by AI.

AI can produce content in seconds, making AI-generated content very low cost. Using machines also eliminates human error as AI have their own inbuilt spelling and grammar checker. That’s not to say that machines don’t make their own kinds of mistakes though.

So, how can a machine or computer generate content?

Content writing artificial intelligence systems have access to vast quantities of existing content and data. They then use this information to produce new pieces of content. Essentially, they are rehashing existing content into something new, but are unable to produce anything that is truly unique.

It is not obvious when an article has been produced by AI as it can imitate a human tone using natural language generation (NLG) technologies. However, when it comes to content marketing, AI can be used for more than simply generating text.

Some useful ways that you can use artificial intelligence in content marketing include:

Brainstorming ideas – Save time on researching content ideas and looking for inspiration. AI can trawl large amounts of data and information very quickly to generate lots of content ideas in the time it takes you to click your fingers.

Writing content – Use AI to quickly generate content to populate a website or blog.

Generating the first draft – Even if AI-generated content is not appropriate for the task, you may still be able to use AI to create the first draft. A professional content writer can then swoop in to edit and add individuality and a human touch to the article.

Transcribing content into different formats – Rewriting content can be a tedious and time-consuming job that doesn’t necessarily require a skilled content writer. Enlisting the help of AI can get boring or repetitive rewrites completed almost instantly, saving you both time and money.

Analysing large amounts of data – Arguably the most valuable skill that AI can offer is the ability to collect and analyse large quantities of customer data very quickly. This then provides insights into customer demographics and behaviours that can assist with producing more targeted content that increases your ROI.

Using AI as a tool in your content marketing plan could give you the edge over your competitors by helping you to create more targeted, informed, and high-performance content quickly and cost-effectively.

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What Google has to say about AI-generated content?

During a recent discussion on a Reddit thread, John Mueller expressed his concerns about the use of AI-generated content. When asked to elaborate on this topic by Reddit moderator Rohan Chaubey, Mueller explained that for Google, AI-generated content still falls under the category of automatically generated content. This is something that has been addressed in the Webmaster Guidelines for a long time.

According to Mueller, using machine learning tools to create content is not much different from using other methods, such as shuffling words or looking up synonyms. Although the quality of the content may be slightly better than with older tools, it still falls under the category of automatically generated content, and therefore, is against the Webmaster Guidelines. Google considers such content to be spam.

When asked if Google has the capability to identify AI-generated content marketing techniques, Mueller could not confirm. However, he mentioned that if the web spam team at Google identifies such content, they will take action against it. Mueller believes that there will always be a cat-and-mouse game between the use of new technologies and the efforts of the web spam team to address them.

Mueller also emphasised that from Google’s perspective, AI-generated content is still considered spam and is against the Webmaster Guidelines. If Google comes across such content, the web spam team will take action against it.

Artificial Intelligence tools in Content Marketing

Ready to find out more about how artificial intelligence content creation tools can help you to save time and money whilst producing more effective content?

Here’s a round-up of some of the hottest content marketing AI tools out there in 2022:

AI content creation tools

AI-Writer – AI-produced, SEO-friendly, full-length article first drafts to speed up the content writing process and increase profits.

Hyperwrite – An AI content writing assistant that reads as you type and make suggestions as to where to take the article next to help you write content faster.

Article Forge – Enter your keywords and article length and artificial intelligence will create a unique piece of content for you within 60 seconds.

AI content marketing tools

Persado – AI that helps identify the tone of voice and language that will resonate the most with your audience and then helps you to rewrite content according to its findings.

Acrolinx – Uses AI to learn about an organisation’s brand and content strategy and then analyses and improves the quality of the content accordingly to provide one clear voice.

Atomic Reach – AI analyses data to learn the style of writing that best engages your ideal audience and then rewrites your content accordingly to improve its ROI.


AI-powered content creation tools are here to stay, and here at topflight, we’re excited to watch how they develop.

If you’re looking for unique, high-quality content, then AI cannot yet produce a standard high enough to rely solely on it. However, using AI at other stages of the content creation process, particularly for analysing data to help guide your writing can dramatically improve your content’s performance.

AI can also provide help with idea generation, research, and information gathering to help to speed up the content writing process. When humans and artificial intelligence work together they can create a highly efficient and powerful content marketing team.

Incorporate AI content creation tools into your content marketing strategy in all the right places to begin producing high performance, data-driven content and boosting your business’ ROI.

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