10 link building strategies for marketers who want the best results for their business

Do you want to dominate the entire World Wide Web? Ok, maybe not the whole Internet! These ten link building tips are guaranteed to help you generate some serious buzz around your website.

#1: Guest posting

We have discussed this in a previous article, and it’s a good time to reiterate it: guest posting still works incredibly well.

Cheap and effective, all it takes is a well-written article, time and effort.

For those who don’t want to read our previous article, let me give you a quick rundown on how guest posting works:

You find blogs, websites and more that have a larger following and user count than your website that allow guest posting. This can be easily done by searching “YOUR INDUSTRY NICHE” + “write for us” on Google, keeping the quotation marks in your search query.

You read the guest post requirements and produce an article that fits what the website is looking for.

Your article is then published on their website at no cost to them, in exchange for a backlink that refers directly to your website.

Guest posting works super well when paired with other link building efforts, including some which are listed below.

#2: Viral content marketing

Viral content is the golden opportunity for many marketers around the globe.

You can be as silly, energetic or interesting as you want to be, and be rewarded for it.

I speak very highly of viral content marketing, and this is another opportunity for me to remind you that viral content marketing is one of the few things capable of turning you into an overnight success.

All it takes is one very good video, image or action to land in the grace of the largest blogs, newspapers and journals.

Creativity and ability to deliver a message is key, for successful viral content marketing.

For example, IHeartDogs launched a “0% Cyber Monday” which ended up quadrupling their sales and donating to over 200,000 dogs in need.

Or how could internet veterans not remember when people threw iced water in their heads for charity, then for no reason whatsoever? Viral content is perhaps one of the most beautiful things ever, and the strangest thing about the internet.

Content marketing gets people talking about you. Then it gets people copying you. Both give you a nearly infinite amount of backlinks.

#3: HARO

The son of guest posting, Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is the solution for those who can handle plenty of rejection in exchange of a golden backlink every now and then. The program is quite simple: reporters, journalists and bloggers request small snippets of information (one or two paragraphs on average) in exchange for a backlink. Here’s topflight Agency’s founder, Pablo Lopez, appearing in Argano thanks to HARO.

#4: Broken link building

The internet is an ever-changing place filled with mysteries, weird people and a lot of HTTPS requests that simply never stop changing.

Therefore, sometimes links between websites become broken, meaning that although they appear in a website’s body, they don’t redirect the user to anywhere once clicked.

Often, the user clicking on a broken link is presented with a 404 error, which is sometimes a frustrating event that ruins user experience.

This is where you come in, using the strategy known as broken link building.

All you have to do is target competitors’ websites using a backlink checking tool, such as Semrush. Chances are, you’ll find broken links, which not only harm the website’s experience, but they affect the overall SEO score too!

Contact the website’s owner and offer them a replacement for their broken link with your content. 9 times out of 10, the owner will thank you and give you a free backlink, since you helped them fix their website at no cost to either party!

#5: Influencer outreach

Influencer marketing is still all the rage in 2022.

The truth is, it just works, and it’s a trend that is only bound to get bigger and bigger. 

We have mentioned it in a previous blog, but it’s worth repeating this: Don’t try and seek influencers with a huge following. 

Instead, target micro influencers, influencers with a small but dedicated fanbase: cheaper and more engaging than large influencers, micro influencers are the weapon of choice for businesses that want to grow their backlink count on a budget.

#6: Reach out to journals stating your accomplishments

Newspapers are a source of soul-sucking bad news that makes you doubt humanity as a whole. But every now and then, some pieces can make you smile.

Who doesn’t love some good, uplifting news? There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to sharing accomplishments from good people around the globe, or just happy news in general.

Whether it’s world-changing feats or something as tiny as cleaning up a lake from trash, being good pays off, in business.

And being good even earns you a backlink, at times, when you make sure people know of your good deeds.

Imagine your business as a boy scout: you are helping old ladies cross the street, you go around selling cookies for charity fundraising and you are helping wild animals.

In exchange, you get patches to sew onto your uniform, and people love to see a person accomplish great things.

It’s therefore your turn: go out there and help others in a way that is tangible. Then reach out to journalists, stating your accomplishments, and secure an interview.

More often than not, if you mention your business, this will be linked within the article they’ll produce about you.

So not only you get a backlink, but you can be remembered for giving back to the community.

Isn’t that the one thing every sensible business owner should be doing, nowadays?

#7: “Content” does not necessarily mean articles

The word “content”, as if “content marketing”, is often synonym with “push out as many articles as possible”.

Articles work, and they are a staple in the content marketing menu. No wonder why so many people find them to be among the most cost-efficient marketing strategies ever.

But what if I told you that the concept of content marketing is a source of untapped potential?

Don’t limit yourself to creating blogs, whenever chasing content marketing results: you can actually start creating tools, software, technologies and whatnot, related to your niche.

For example, if you sell kitchen utensils, why not create an app that automatically lists all of the tools you need for a specific recipe?

You don’t even need a crazy idea, just find something that works and make it better. A running app, for example, but add in an automatic pathfinding generator. Or a finance tracker with maximum customisation choices.

Anything works, as long as there’s effort and study put behind it. The secret is to keep it simple, keep it pleasing, and keep it free.

Although the tools don’t provide you with backlinks, these are shared like a virus, and they get mentioned on blogs, websites, eCommerces and everything in between.

Plus, they are an amazing source of lead generation.

#8: Skyscraper content

While still on the subject of content marketing, let’s talk about Skyscraper content.

What is skyscraper content?

Essentially, you’re repeating what’s worked for someone else but doing it better.

For example, you might find a piece of content that’s ranking highly for relevant search terms, but it’s five years out of date.

Your job is to create a new piece of content for your website that’s up-to-date and contains your expertise on the subject.

Once you’ve published your article, you can contact the writers who linked to the old one, letting them know about your up-to-date, superb alternative.

It works like a charm.

That’s probably why the skyscraper technique is one of the most used link building strategies in the modern era of SEO.

Skyscraper technique

#9: Business directories

It’s time to go local! 

Business directories are the easiest way to get your foot in the door of a link building strategy.

Websites such as Yelp, Yahoo Local and even Google My Business are essential for a local SEO strategy and for backlink purposes.

It’s just easy and incredibly effective.

All you have to do is put your website in the appropriate directories and, on top of the visibility, you even get a quality backlink.

Get started as soon as possible: Google listings are free, they bring customers and web traffic. There are literally no downsides to this PR strategy.

#10: Paid services

No list would ever be complete without mentioning paid backlink building services.

Although there are only 10 link building strategies in this article that will work for the vast majority of business owners, there are hundreds of ways a person can earn backlinks, and these are not mentioned here.

For example, social media marketing, PR releases and even videogames are great sources of backlinks.

It’s only obvious that you’ll want the maximum yield from your backlinking endeavours, which is why it makes sense to invest in link building services, such as the ones offered here at topflight agency.

A paid service is simply more time-effective and reliable than any SEO strategy you may try to do by yourself without the professional training a topflight team has to offer.

To discover more, contact us today.